Here at Angel One we have many international and local projects for you to get involved in.   Here is a video of a few project we have been involved with in Brazil.

A preschool of about 100 children. The parents of these children pick-up garbage from the streets for an income. Unfortunately these children are going with their parents on the streets which means they are eating out of garbage cans and dumpsters. At this school the children receive at least 2 hot meals a day and other necessities they have need of.

Adopt a School in Brazil

Adopt a Missionary

Crusade Fund

Adopt a School in Africa

Orphanage in Brazil

International Projects

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Real Help for Real People with Real Needs

Currently the orphanage in Brazil is in need of financial support. The orphanages in Brazil are self-supporting they receive no government assistance. There are many expenses in caring for these children.

The school in Guinea Bissau, Africa serves under privileged children who without our support would not have the opportunity to attend school and better their lives.

We support missionaries in Brazil, Portugal and India. These people are impacting the nations with the love of God. Any financial support would be greatly appreciated.

Angel One Foundation has already held their first tent revival crusade. There were many salvations, healings and deliverance. This event was an instrument in bringing together the body of Christ.  Please support this outreach by giving financially and by your on going prayers. We would like to touch the nations by holding crusade events of all sizes. Thank You for your support.