In August of 1998, Lloyd received a vision from the Lord that has forever changed his and Jean’s lives.  Through that vision God gave Lloyd complete instructions for Angel One, including the name.  He instructed Lloyd that the name was to represent a “spiritual medic one”.  Angel One is to be a first response to people who are in a physical or spiritual crisis.  It is to act as a safety net or a “hand-up” rather than a “hand-out”.   Lloyd and Jean are deeply committed to being “God’s Hand Extended” to people who all-of-a-sudden find themselves in trouble and can’t physically supply the necessary and immediate needs of themselves and/or their children.  God has promised that if we will step forward, in faith, He will supply the necessary support from “His abundance."  Lloyd and Jean accepted that promise from God and established Angel One Foundation as instructed.

Our Founders



Lloyd and Jean Duckworth were married for forty-three years. They raised three children who are now adults; and have five special grandchildren

Angel One Foundation

Real Help for Real People with Real Needs