About Us

Mission Statement

Angel One Foundation is a nonprofit charitable corporation that is dedicated to helping others in need.  We are both domestic and International in scope, with outreach potential in several states and foreign countries. 

We are commanded to be pro-active in helping people in need.  There are good people that have found themselves in difficult crisis that simply need a “hand up” not a hand out and to that end, we will work to "Rescue",  "Raise", and help "Restore" those that are put in our pathway.  We are called to seek out those that are crying out for help concerning a temporary crisis in their lives.

The types of needs we will be supporting are material in nature, such as food, clothing, job-search assistance, emergency housing, assistance with emergency dwelling repairs, rent/mortgage emergency, emergency medical/dental/eye-care services, insurance emergency, transportation emergency, daycare emergency, elderly emergency help, etc.

Our outreach in the international communities will consist of assisting missionaries in their endeavors.  Their needs consist of financial, technology, transportation, communication, housing, etc.  We will also assist the missionaries with international projects, such as food for the hungry, clothing, housing, orphanages, teaching, and other civic needs similar to our described statements above.

We desire your prayers and support as we embark on this mission.

Real Help for Real People with Real Needs

Angel One Foundation